We are expecting God to do something for us or respond in some way to us. It’s not a demand, but rather our hope for God to react gloriously in our lives. This is the same expectancy that the Lord has in us. He is expecting us to respond in some way to Him. He doesn’t command or demand that we act a certain way, but He hopes that we react gloriously to the life He gives us. (Isa 64:4)

And as we wait, with hope & expectancy, God does respond, though not always as we’d like. Because of His steadfast love for us His response is always for our best interest. In His response there’s a message of love and patience no matter whether we agree or disagree with His decision. In the same way God waits, with hope & expectancy, for our response to Him. And though He doesn’t always agree with our replies, He receives them with steadfast love and mercy.

Our spiritual walk with our Father and His Son, Jesus Christ begins with us waiting in hope & expectancy, not demanding. Who are we to demand anything from God? We are His children, and He is our Father. And as a perfect Father He doesn’t require unrealistic responses from His children, but rather He remains hopeful & expectant for us to pursue Him freely.

We stand at The Good Path and Wait on our Father… and He waits for us…

* As we Stand at the entrance of The Good Path we are taking a position for something. We are standing as an example to all that God has provided a way for all to walk with Him. Also, when we stand at the beginning of The Good Path we display to all that we’ve stepped out of the current of this world and we’re “standing still” and “waiting” expectantly for the guidance and encouragement of God.

There are many voices in our world, but only the voice of God can give us life and rest. To hear His voice among the many voices that call out to us we allow the Spirit to find us standing and waiting expectantly for His word of guidance.

Waiting on God