We have officially entered the season when we generally acknowledge the birth of Jesus Christ, at least among those who acknowledge Christ at all. With this time of the year there is more emphasis placed on the meaning of the birth of Christ, and His ultimate purpose for being born into the world. We can guardedly agree that Christ came to earth to offer us salvation. But the question I have is, why do we come to Him?

Why do people come to Christ? Have you ever thought about that question? Do you know why you came to Christ?

I’m working on a list of reasons for why people come to Jesus Christ, and I’d like your help. Leave a comment on this post and list some reasons why you think people come to Christ. I’ll put all your responses together with mine, and create a list of “Reasons Why People Come to Christ“, then we’ll discuss them in a future post.

Maybe, if we understand why we come to Christ, we can better understand what we desire in our relationship with Him.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, and I look forward to your thoughts.