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A Great Change Coming

Does the world seem right to you? Does everything that’s happening around you seem normal? Doesn’t everything you see happening in politics, religion, society, and economics seem bizarre? Well, your right. Things are very different, and they are going to continue to be different, and there’s a reason for the changes. I talk about the “Great Change” that’s coming to our world and why it’s happening in this episode of The Good Path.

Four Horsemen Revealed

Who are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Are they about to be released in the world, or have they already been in the world? Do we have so many terrible events everyday because the tribulation has already begun? We’ll discuss these questions and more in this podcast.

Blood Moon

Many are saying that the world will end tonight with the coming the Blood Moon. They say they know the date for the Return of Christ and the end of the world, and that date is September 27th, or September 28th, depending on where you’re standing in the world at the time. Is the world ending tonight? Should you be concerned? Find out in this podcast episode of The Good Path.

God Isn’t Mocked

Is the fate of our world locked-in? Is there any hope that the ultimate end of human existence won’t be in a blaze of fiery judgment? In this episode of The Good Path we’ll discuss these questions and see if there is a chance that our world will avoid God’s justice.

Receiving Your New Name; Revelation 2:12-17

In this episode we discuss what Christ said to the believers in Pergamum. The church in Pergamum faced the same things the church deals with today. To those who overcome the influence of Satan and false teachings Christ promise to give them a “New Name.”