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Spirit Born Defies Descriptions

There’s a popular statement going around today, “Don’t tell me your theology on serving others. Show me your dirty hands and tired feet. Do as Jesus did.” In today’s world we want to “Do things” before we “Know things”. We see it everywhere, even in the church. This is why so many believers are confused about what being “Born Again” really means. We want to be “In” the Spirit before we even know “How” the Spirit works.

Spirit Born vs Charismania

In this, the 3rd episode in our series on “What is Born Again”, I talk about when the “Born Again” movement began, and why it grew as rapidly as it did. I also tell my personal story of how I experienced the “Born Again” process.

Spirit Born

Our world is in trouble. Is there a way to respond to the violence and evil we see all around us without creating more of the same? There is, but it’s not by shallow words or hollow actions, it’s by “Spirit Born” truth. We’ll discuss what “Spirit Born” truth is in this episode of The Good Path.

Why Be Born Again?

Why should we be Born Again? What does being “Born Again” really mean? Do you know if you are “Born Again”? We’ll discuss these questions and more in this episode of The Good Path.

Your Sweet Spot in Christ

Jesus said, “My yoke is easy and my burden is light”. When animals are yoked together they become a unit, or a team. When we take on the yoke of Christ we join Him in a relationship together. He said being in a relationship with Him is easy and light. Does your relationship with Christ feel easy and light? In this episode of The Good Path we’ll talk about finding “Your Sweet Spot in Christ.”

The Strength to Handle Hard Things

There is a difference between “Fans” of Christ and “True Believers”. Fans are on board when times are good and their team is winning, but when the hard times come, it’s the True Believers that won’t walk away. In this episode see where True Believers get the strength to handle the Hard Times, difficult concepts, and the tough situations in life.

4 Horsemen in Paris

What is happening in our world? Why is violence on the rise? How should believers respond to the chaos, brutality, and evil we’re witnessing around the world? Revelation gives us the answers to these questions and more.

Simple Worship; Revelation 5:8

What is worship? And why does it take so much effort to follow all the rules of worship? Worship is hard because we’ve been taught “How” worship happens, rather than just letting worship happen. Once we remove all the pretense and drama surrounding worship, it becomes very simple and effortless.

What Is Freedom?

What is real freedom? Do those who say they follow God have the freedom to terrorize those who disagree with them? Is the world heading for a great confrontation as Revelation describes it? In this episode we will discuss these questions and more and discover God’s warnings about the future of mankind.

Is There a Cure for Hypocrisy? Revelation 3:1-6

Printed on American money is the phrase, “In God we trust”. In the Pledge of Allegiance is the phrase, “One nation under God”. The first Thursday in May is proclaim by the President of the United States to be a national day of Prayer. Is America a nation of hypocrites? In this episode of The Good Path find out if there is a cure for hypocrisy.