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A Life That’s Good

Have you ever wondered about what “A Life That’s Good” would look like? In this episode we’ll discuss the secret of “A Life That’s Good.”

A New Beginning; Revelation 5:9-10

Did you know that Christ gave believers the ability and the freedom to make the rules for His new kingdom? That’s right, every believer has the ability and the freedom set the rules for living their “New Life” in Christ. Hard to believe? It’s only hard to believe because it contradicts everything religious leaders have told us for 2,000 years.

Finding Who You Want To Be

Do you know who you want to be? Do you know who God has called you to be? In this episode of I will talk about discovering the passion God has put in your heart and finding your God given purpose.

Die Once and Live Twice; Revelation 2:8-11

Looking around the world we see believers being imprisoned, tortured, and killed because they won’t give up their faith in Christ. In Revelation 2:8-11, Christ gives a message to believers in Symrna, who faced the same suffering as believers today. See what Christ told them about their trials for the sake of His name, and what he promises to all who keep their faith in Him.

Give Rest A Chance

Recently I had my hip replaced. In this podcast episode I’ll share what God taught me through that experience about rest and recreation and our daily walk with Christ.

God Made Me To Be Me

Ever wonder why you seem to be so different from other people? Do others try to change you to make you like them? In this episode we’ll discuss why God made you to be who you are, as we look at how David overcame those who criticized him for being different and tried to change the way God made him.