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Fall Down Worship; Revelation 5:8-10

Our world is in some serious need of help. We fantasize about Superhero’s, but there is only one hero that can truly help us (John 16:33). We give our worship away to those who make promises they can’t keep, but in this podcast we’ll discuss Revelation 5:8-10 and see what happens when we worship the one who deserves our worship.

A World Upside Down; Revelation 5:4-7

Revelation 5 gives us God’s perspective of what Jesus Christ accomplished when He was here on earth. What Jesus did overturned the Jewish religious system and it should turn our world upside down when we completely grasp the significance of what He achieved with His death and resurrection.

Tune In To God; Revelation 5:1-3

In Revelation 5 God helps us tune into His perspective on our situation in the world, so we can understand clearly the things that are about to happen.

Perspective is Everything; Intro to Revelation 5

We live in a world that is selfish and self centered. We have become so self absorbed that it’s difficult for us not to think that everything doesn’t revolve around us as a species or “me” as an individual. But when we view everything around us from our own narrow perspective are we missing the bigger picture? Is there another view of what’s going on around us that we’re missing – God’s view?

A Peek Into Heaven; Revelation 4:1-11

Have you ever wondered what heaven looks like? In this episode of The Good Path the Apostle John gives us a peek into heaven. In Revelation 4, God opens a door to heaven allows us a glimpse inside at His throne room.

The Tree of Life; Revelation 2:1-7

Christ promises everyone that if they have faith they will overcome this world and be allowed to eat from the “Tree of Life”. In this episode in our discussion in Revelation, Christ reveals a mystery to John about the “Tree of Life” and who can eat from it in the paradise of God.

Keys of Death & Hades; Revelation 1:17-20

In this episode of our discussion of Book of Revelation, Jesus makes 4 statements to John that no other religious leader has made before Christ, or after Him. One of those statements is that He has “Keys of Death and Hades”.

Changing from Glory to Glory; Revelation 1:12-20

When you look in the mirror what do you see? You see yourself changing, right? Most of the time the person looking back at us isn’t what we hoped to see. The Word of God tells us that one day we will be changed into the image of Christ. In this episode of The Good Path, we’ll discuss Revelation 1:12-20, and John will show us what Christ looks like, and who we are becoming.

He is Risen

John heard a voice like a trumpet that told him to write to the 7 churches. Does God’s voice really sound like a trumpet? Who were these 7 churches, and why are they significant to us today? Was what John wrote in Revelation for them or us? We’ll answer these questions and more in this episode of The Good Path.