According to “The Law of Accelerating Returns” we won’t experience 100 years of progress in the 21st century, we’ll experience 20,000 years of progress. This means in the 21st century humanity will have to adapt to more change than every generation that preceded it… combined!

Moore’s Law states that technology doubles every 2 years…

The difference between the technological progress and human progress is seen in the Chinese story about the inventor of the game of Chess and the Emperor of China.

Eventually we will reach a place that scientist call the “Singularity“. When this happens there will be a rapture in the fabric of human history that can never be closed.

What will when this occurs? Will mankind turn on itself before the singularity happens?

I believe God answers these questions and more in Revelation; Revelation 5:11-14;

John saw things and heard things that others missed because God had made him unique, just like all of us; Psalm 139:14-16

Robert Kennedy once said, “Some men see things as they are and say why; I dream things that never were and say, why not.”

The Throne;


  • Strength – forcefulness… God will always win… power is a burst while strength is longer lasting… Might (Only from Heaven)
  • Wisdom – the ability to judge rightly… His judgment is always right… Wisdom
  • Riches – enough wealth to furnish anyone or anything whatever they need… Everything belongs to God… Knowledge


  • Blessing – to be spoken well of… Counsel – acceptance
  • Honor – a price of value… Understanding – faith
  • Glory – worthy of worship by reputation… the fear of the LORD – thankfulness
  • Power – dominion… His kingdom… Power

The 7 Spirits of God; Isaiah 11:2 –

  1. The Spirit of the LORD – Power – Power
  2. The Spirit of wisdom – God judges rightly – Wisdom
  3. The Spirit of understanding – teach/inform – Honor
  4. The Spirit of counsel – guide – Blessing
  5. The Spirit of might – strength – Strength
  6. The Spirit of knowledge – skillful -Riches
  7. The Spirit of the fear of the LORD – reverence – Glory


  1. The Spirit of the fear of the LORD – The Glory of God is the fear, the reverence, the respect, of the LORD…
  2. The Spirit of Knowledge – The Knowledge of God is His riches, and that knowledge is found in Jesus Christ, who is God’s riches to mankind…
  3. The Spirit of Might – The Might of God is His Strength which is Jesus Christ because He overcomes everything, even death…
  4. The Spirit of Counsel – The Blessing of God is His Counsel which guides us…
  5. The Spirit of Understanding – The Honor of God is His Understanding which teaches us all things
  6. The Spirit of Wisdom – The Wisdom of God is that He is the judge of all…
  7. The Spirit of the LORD -The Power of God is… in Christ…

The message in the song is that in Jesus Christ resides completeness of the Father… the 7 Spirits of God.

The message of the first 5 chapters of Revelation is this; There is only one who possesses the fullness of the Father and His name is Jesus Christ…

And that’s the Gospel Truth… I challenge you to prove me wrong…