In the previous 2 episodes on the book of Revelation we discussed the introduction to John’s vision;

  • The message – the revelation of Jesus Christ
  • The background – the message is for all believers
  • The authorship – the Father, Son, Holy Spirit
  • The authority – the blood of Christ
  • The assurance – that believers will share in the same things that Christ in;
  1. Tribulation
  2. The kingdom
  3. Patient endurance

Now, let’s follow John as he continues; Rev 1:10-11

To me, this is what I hear John saying when he says he was in the Spirit;

  • He was in a spiritual place when he received the revelation.
  • What he received was spiritual, not normal or natural.

What does it mean to be in the Spirit?

Jewish Mystics and early followers of Christ believed there were 3 heavens;

  • Our atmosphere – things pertaining to this world…
  • Outer Space – things pertaining to spiritual authorities, i.e. angels…
  • Beyond Outer Space… where God is…

There was a process to get to the 3rd heaven;

  • Fasting & Prayer – to enter the 1st heaven…
  • Hymns & spiritual songs of praise – to enter the 2nd heaven…
  • Faith & the Word – to enter the 3rd heaven…

What is being in the spirit?

How do we get to this spiritual place?

Is being “in the Spirit” the same as being “born of the Spirit”?

Is being “in the Spirit” important to a believer?

Your day of spiritual revelation can be out there for you also. Find what inspires you in God and Christ, and moves you spiritually to be closer to them.