We live in a time that is unlike any other. Our societies are faced with unprecedented violence, turmoil, and unspeakable atrocities. We’re headed down a very dark path, and it’s only going to get worse because technology has made our world smaller and our problems disagreements larger. We’re at a critical time in human history. Something has to change. We can’t continue to answer evil for evil and expect anything but more evil.

We have to rethink the way we deal with evil in our world. But, evil is what we do best. How can we change the way we react if we don’t know how to respond any other way? There is a way to know how to react differently to evil.

Christ said we have to be “Born Again” if we want to see the kingdom of Heaven. We have to start over if we want to deal with the evils of this life in a better way.

But, can we really be “Born Again“? What does “Born Again” even mean?

There are 2 ways of understanding what being born again means;

  1. Everyone who is Born of the Spirit is like the wind… John 3:5-8
  • It blows where it wants…
  • You can hear it…
  • You don’t know it’s origin or destination…

Note: there’s a difference between being “spiritual” and “spirit born“…

There are 3 defining characteristics for someone who is “Spirit Born” are;

  • Irrepressible – uncontrollable/unpredictable… not able to be restrained
  • Indisputable – can be heard… not able to be denied… you may not pay attention to the sound, but you can’t deny it…
  • Incorruptible – you can’t change its direction… its Definitive – not able to be changed… done or complete…

John the Baptist was an example of a “Spiritual Life“… Matthew 11:7-15

A closer look at what Christ meant by “Born of the Spirit“; John 3:5-8

  1. The first birth factor is “The Water”;

What did Christ mean when he said we had to be born “of the water“?

How do we know the Word of God? Psalm 33:9, Psalm 89:34, Deuteronomy 18:21;

God’s Word is beyond the control humans or angels. The Word of God is like the Wind… It is irrepressible, indisputable, and incorruptible

Anyone can find or be found by the “Word of God” and therefore everyone has the opportunity to be “Mothered” (Born Anew) by the Word