Is Revelation really that important to my life and my faith in Christ?

If Revelation wasn’t part of the Bible, would I be missing anything important as it relates to my relationship with Christ?

Do we need “Theology” to have a relationship with Christ?

Why do we need Theology at all?… Isaiah 55:8-9

Theology is a study of God, but it’s a study of God as seen by those who have experienced God in their lives and then they’ve expressed that experience so others can know a little more about the ways of God…

The 4 Living Creatures and the 24 Elders were worshiping the Lamb, Revelation 5:8

  • Harps
  • The Golden Bowls

Examples of Fall Down Worship;

The greatest act of worship shown to Christ; Luke 7:37-50

  • She recognized that Christ accepts sinner’s –
  • She believed her sins were forgiven – faith
  • She was grateful to Christ – she ministered to Him
  • She was filled with love for Christ – kissing His feet
  1. Acceptance
  2. Faith
  3. Thankfulness – she wanted to do something for Christ
  4. Love – a heart and life filled with love

These things lead to the removal of self-consciousness and pride and then we’re free to “Fall Down and Worship” Christ…

Is “Fall Down Worship” actually the act of falling down on the ground in some demonstration of worship? John 4:1-26

This encounter that Jesus had with the Samaritan woman at the well shows us that worship isn’t about where we worship…

  • not in a Temple
  • not at a Mountain
  • not in a Church
  • not in a House… worship isn’t about the place…

It also shows us that worship isn’t about the appearance of worship…

  • The trappings; stained glass, burning candles, etc
  • The Physicality; bowing, kneeling, raising hands, falling down, rolling, etc
  • The Atmosphere; reverence, music, emotionalism, etc.

Worship for God is given in Spirit and in truth… God is a “Spirit”, meaning He can’t be seen… and those who worship God must worship Him in spirit, meaning by worshiping Him in ways that aren’t meant to be seen… Like the woman who worshiped at the feet of Jesus, washing His feet with her tears and drying them with her hair… She didn’t do that for others to see she was worshiping Christ… she did because it came from her heart… a place that only God can see… She was worshiping because her heart was filled with;

  • Acceptance
  • Faith
  • Thankfulness
  • Love

We worship God when our hearts are filled with the assurance that God accepts us even though we sin. That assurance comes from our faith in Christ. And because we are forgiven so much, our heart is filled with gratitude and thankfulness to God and Christ. Acceptance, faith, and thankfulness fills our heart with God’s love, and if God’s love lives in our heart then we can’t help but express that love to others and we will “KNOW” God… 1 John 4:12

That is worshiping in the Spirit and in Truth.

There’s a Latin phrase, Gratias Ago Tibi; Thanks I do for youThankfulness, love, and getting to know Christ better is our spiritual worship… it is “Fall Down Worship of the Lamb“…