We are continuing our discussion in the Book of Revelation with a slight detour. As we begin uncovering John’s revelation I was reminded that for us to truly grasp God’s message for us we must remember to listen to the voice of Christ and not the voices or even our own.

Revelation 1:12-20

Is it odd that John didn’t turn around immediately to see the voice that was speaking to him? If we hear a voice speaking behind us, wouldn’t we automatically turn around to see who’s speaking?

Reasons why we wouldn’t immediately turn around when someone is speaking to us;

  1. When we’re in a hurry… we don’t have time to turn around and listen… we have some other place to be…
  2. When we don’t want to listen… we just flat out don’t want hear what’s being said… our mind is set on another subject..
  3. When we’re focused on something else… we’re concentrating on something that is more important…
  4. When we’re ignoring the person… we know the person talking but we’re ignoring them…

The bottom line is, when we don’t turn around right away, it’s because we “don’t want to” turn around. We don’t want hear hear what’s being said to us.

The example of Balaam being obstinate; Numbers 22:21-39

Like Balaam we can choose the “Easy Way” or the “Hard Way” in our journey through life with Christ. Hindsight is 20/20, and often we can learn important lessons from our past choices; 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

How do we know when Christ is speaking to us? We know by;

  1. Being vigilant in prayer when making choices.
  2. Observing the past with thankfulness not regret, and seeing how Christ spoke to you in your circumstances.
  3. Rejoicing and being happy rather than depressed.

If we maintain these three attitudes in our lives; prayer, thankfulness, and rejoicing, then we’ll be in a place where we will have my best opportunity to hear the voice of Christ when He speaks to us.

I pray that you will See the voice of Christ in your life…