How do we know when we’ve been hanging out with God?

Now we see through a dim glass1Cor 13:12

Four key elements in seeing God in our everyday lives.

1.  Faith – Conviction – Stand – The realization that God is there. Hebrews 11:6

In order to maintain our Expectancy & Hope we need Faith, Trust, and Patience

2.  PerspectiveWatching Him Work – We have a new view of the world…

Our new view of the world is through the Good News Christ gave us; We are free from Sin & Death…Jesus set us free from sin & death…

Even though Christ destroyed Sin & Death we still them in the world. This is the conflict that Paul talks about in Romans 8:1-39

Our perspective is now through the lens of Hope… Romans 8:24-25

We can see a Biblical example of this in Numbers 13:1-33

Observe – Numbers 13:17-20

Report – Numbers 13:21-24

Don’t Doubt – Numbers 13:25-29

Believe – Numbers 13:30

Wrong Perspective – No Hope – Numbers 13:33

Right perspective – Hope of Glory – 1Cor 1:27

I know I said are were 4 steps to seeing God in our everyday lives, and in this episode we only talked about 2 of those steps, faith & perspective. In our next episode we’ll talk about the other 2 steps in seeing God in our everyday lives.