Is the destiny of Humanity pre-determined? Is the Human race pre-destined to what the Bible and so many others have predicted?

Can we change our destiny, or can we create a different outcome for our world?

Two examples of changing destiny; The Book of Jonah chapters 1-4

  • Jonah
  • Nineveh

As this story relates to our discussion in Revelation; Is the destiny of humanity pre-determined? Is our world destined to end in flames? Will there be earthquakes, and wars, and famines, and diseases? Will God bring His final judgment on an evil generation? Can we change our destiny?

In the end Nineveh was destroyed because they went back to their evil ways; Nahum 1:14

What does God think of our world today?

Proverb; “We can only reap what we sow.”

The Apostle Paul said the same thing to the believers in Galatia; Galatians 6:7

Can we expect to harvest justice and compassion in our destiny?

Don’t be mislead – you cannot mock the justice of God. You will always harvest what you plant.”

Will we be the generation that believed Jonah or are we the generation that ignored Nahum…

Jonah faced death in the belly of a whale before he changed his mind about obeying God. What is our whale belly going to be before we change the course of our evil direction?

Don’t be misled by politicians, religious leaders, activists, the media, and the current world culture. We can’t mock the justice of God. Our generation is on the road to harvesting what it has planted.