On the seventh day God rested… Gen 2:1-3

The Sabbath means to rest from our work… Jesus said the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. Mark 2:27

The scripture I use for the theme of this website and podcast is Jeremiah 6:16 which tells us we will find rest for our souls.

Jesus said we should come to him to find rest;

Come to me, all who labor (tired) and are heavy laden (overburdened), and I will give you rest (give us refreshment). Take my yoke (join, a yoke is for 2 animals, a harness is for one) upon you, and learn from me (learn FROM me, not learn to “BE” me), for I am gentle (humble) and lowly (at the bottom) in heart (to the core of His thoughts & feelings), and you will find rest (recreation) for your souls (spirit, vitality, energy). For my yoke (union with us) is easy (good, gracious, kind), and my burden (invoice) is light (small, easy to push).” Matt 11:28-31

1.  Refreshment cools the body down and prevent overheating. Liquid refreshment washes toxins out of the body and gives us health. Refreshment re-invigorates, rejuvenates, relaxes, and rewards us.

2. Recreation can be seen 2 ways;

  • Recreation compared to work;
  1. Work is work and recreation isn’t work
  2. Work is intensive and recreation effortless
  3. Work is difficult and recreation is enjoyable
  4. Work is draining and recreation is energizing
  • The benefits of recreation;
  1. Promotes health (physical, emotional, and mental)
  2. Relieves stress
  3. Promotes relaxation
  4. Promotes revitalization
  5. Promotes a positive self-image
  6. Promotes balance
  7. Promotes growth & development (physical, emotional, mental)

Our walk with Christ is supposed to refresh us…

  • Cools the body down – prevent overheating
  • Wash the toxins out of the body- healthy
  • Re-invigorates – gives energy
  • Rejuvenates – feel ready to continue
  • Relaxes – calms and soothes
  • Rewards – brings enjoyment

Our time with Christ is recreational, not drudgery…

  • We know the difference between work and fun
  • Being with Christ is meant to be effortless, not intense
  • Following Christ is an enjoyable adventure, not a task
  • Knowing Christ is energizing not draining

Our union (yoke) with Christ is meant to be beneficial, not debilitating

  • Make us healthy (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually…
  • Take away our stress, not add more stress
  • Relax us, not make us tense
  • Revitalize us, not drain us
  • Give us a positive self-image, not demoralize us
  • Bring balance to our lives, not imbalance
  • Help us to grow and develop spiritually, not stunt our spiritual growth

How can we rest? The Apostle James said we have to work; James 2:17

The body is known by the spirit that moves it…

Faith is known by its’ works. If my faith is in Jesus Christ, then my works will be in what He gave to me. Therefore my faith is in the Salvation that is found in Christ. My works are trust in Him, be confident in Him, adore Him, and glorify Him.

My faith is in the reconciliation I have with God through Christ, therefore I share that reconciliation, love, grace, forgiveness, joy, and life I received from Christ.

My faith + the works of my faith = my Life – the life Christ gave me…

Shabbat Shalom means, “May your day of rest be peaceful.” 

We live in the “Day” of Christ’s Rest.  Do you have rest?  Is it peaceful? Is it refreshing? You’ve tried to live for Christ by working your butt off… how about giving rest a chance? You can’t have peace until you accept His rest.

You’re not walking alone, Christ joined with you. If you’re tired, rest and let Him refresh you. If you’re trying too hard, remember; Christ isn’t work, He’s recreation. He doesn’t have an invoice waiting for us at the end of the day. He paid the invoice already with His life and death.

Give Rest A Chance, and see if you don’t find more enjoyment, vitality, and peace in your walk with Christ… Shabbat Shalom, “May your day of rest be peaceful