What if there was no Bible? What if we didn’t have the Old Testament, or the New Testament? How would we be able to know about God? Would it be possible for us to ever know Him?

The physical church in the world today offers believers a false sense of safety and security. We look for others who believe like us, and we want to find a community where we can belong, and find fellowship, and guidance. But we’ve forgotten that God is a God to all of us, as individuals.

I was asked this question recently, “What about the Bible, do you believe the Word of God? How can we know God without the Scriptures?

Christ answered this question in Matthew 5:8

The Greek word Katharos literally means: “clean, pure”“unsoiled or unalloyed.”

Something is “pure” when it’s not mixed with other substances;

1. Benevolence is pure when it’s not mixed with selfishness;

2. Justice is pure when it’s not mixed with partiality;

3. Love is pure when it’s not mixed with lust;

Jesus uses ‘katharos‘ “in heart” to describe a heart that is without division;

Matthew 6:22-24 & Luke 11:33-36

Pure vision is straight vision. The “pure in heart” has a single focus. When our heart is focused we see straight.

Paul explains this in Eph 1:18

James says the same thing in James 1:8… A double-minded man has blurred vision that clouds his sight…

The mind or heart that is focused, gives pure light to the heart of man through spiritual perception. As the Psalmist wrote in Psalm 19:8;

Christ says, a pure heart is an undivided heart; Matthew 6:24, and Matthew 6:25

When our heart is focused on the Gospel we can see straight, and comprehend His truth and see and know God…

We can’t focus on the law and grace. We can’t serve both. The chains of slavery to the law are broken, and the bond of familial relationship with the Father and His Son are now the Focus within the Messiah’s kingdom.

The phrase, “see God” means to enter into the relation with God in His kingdom. In the Messiah’s kingdom God reveals Himself, and His glory to everyone. To “see the kingdom of God” meant to “enter the kingdom of God”

Therefore, when our heart is undivided to the truth of the gospel, with nothing foreign to obstruct entering the kingdom, then we can “see God“…

Just like Paul told the Corinthians; 2 Cor 4:5-6

When we focus singularly on that light of Christ that shines in our heart then we are “pure in heart” and we can “See God.” And when we See God, then we can know God…

So what if there was no Bible, how would we know about God? We would know God by staying focused the light of the Gospel of Christ that enlightens our heart…

Does this mean that we can maintain this focus constantly? No, but in those moments when we can, we will see God and know Him!