If we have God’s perspective on the things that we encounter in life, whether good or bad, than we will have a far different view of events… Romans 8:28

2 things about God’s perspective from the previous podcast;

First: God has a plan, it’s done, and no one can change it.

Second: all have sinned, and we can’t save us.

Revelation 5:4-7

We see 4 things in these 4 verses;

The first thing that is emphasized here is – The Lost;

  1. The Lost – John says, “I began to weep loudly
  1. The Lion – a lion at the time John is writing this represented a hero; a brave and mighty hero – a Rescuer,
  1. The LambRev 5:6
  • To Stand – not like it was dead, but standing…
  • To be Slain – meaning slaughtered, sacrificed…
  • The Lamb – was the sacrifice offered for the sins of the nation…
  1. The SaviorRev 5:7

No one can take anything from God; Ecc 3:14

  • dechomia – (deck – ho – mia) to accept when handed to
  • aihreomai – (I – hro – mia)to seize, violently
  • lambano – (lamb – a – no) to take, obtain, deserved

The scroll was obtained by the Lamb, and God released the scroll to its rightful owner…

  • Bigger then Abraham…
  • Bigger then Jacob…
  • Bigger then Moses…
  • Bigger then David…
  • Bigger than any prophets…

There are significant pivot points in human history in our relationship and understanding of God…

  1. The Fall;
  1. The Flood;
  1. The Promise;
  1. The Law;
  1. The Messiah;

Jesus didn’t come to continue the Law  He came to fulfill it; Matthew 5:17

Jesus didn’t come to continue the old, He came to re-invent it; Mark 2:22

The High priest in Jerusalem knew this when Jesus was on trial; Matthew 26:62-65

The entire premise of the Jewish religion was built on the fact that there is “One” God; Deuteronomy 6:4

But, Jesus declared Himself to be God, and Revelation 5 shows Jesus to be God. This turned the Jewish world upside down and it will turn our world upside down when we truly see this through God’s perspective.