America just marked the 41st year since the Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the founders included, in the Constitution, the right to abortion throughout a pregnancy. One day those Justices will have to answer for their decision to the true Supreme Court, of God.

There is no way of actually knowing, because of privacy laws, but it’s estimated that over the last 41 years, 55 million innocent lives have been ended by abortion. 55 million children that were denied their right to life. 55 million individuals that were sentenced to death, though they did nothing wrong. 55 million helpless babies that had no way to defend themselves, and no means by which to stay their executions.

I believe in my soul, 100 years from now, that generation will look back on us with amazement at our callous indifference to the lives of unborn children. They will consider the decisions of our courts toward the unborn as incomprehensible as we consider the opinion 150 years ago that slaves were property. We recognize now the horrible inhumanity that was shown towards those who were powerless, voiceless, and discarded as insignificant. Much the same as we treat the unwanted children who are themselves powerless, voiceless, and discarded as insignificant.

Must another 55 million children die before we wake up to the horrendous darkness that is being perpetrated on the soul of all mankind by those who are no better that the old slave masters? They are the new slave masters, who like their contemporaries determine the destiny of those are without recourse. The new slave masters are “soul masters” who believe they have the authority to trade guiltless life for the political currency they can accrue.

In the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 25, verses 31-46, Jesus talks about the final judgment. In the end Christ says that what truly counts in our life (after our faith) is how we treat those who have no one in this world to help them. Christ called them “the least of us.” Could there be any group among us that is considered any less than unborn children?

I can no longer live and ignore the darkness that is causing a blight on the conscience of humanity. How can I call myself a human and allow my fellow “unborn” humans to suffer violence and injustice without using my voice to defend them. Can I be the eyes for those whose sight is taken away? Can I be the hands for those who are denied their ability to touch this world? Can I be a defender of the defenseless, a spokesman for the speechless, and a protector of the helpless? I can, and so can you!

The time is now, not another 55 million lives from now, to stand up for the least of us. Don’t let the blackness of the partisan beast drag us into the abyss with it. Let us rise up from the pit with the light of awareness that is dawning today, and defend the lives of the unborn. Can we forsake the helpless, without forsaking ourselves? If we don’t answer this question for ourselves, future generations will answer it for us!