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Why Does Tragedy Strike Believers?

We have all heard the question, “Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People?” In this episode of The Good Path we are going to explore what that question really means, and why bad things do happen to believers in Christ, and how bad is turned into good forever.

Seeing The Voice of Christ

As we continue our discussion in The Book of Revelation, it’s important for us the “See the Voice of Christ” in John’s message and not our own voice or the voices of others, if we want to know what Christ is saying to us today.

In The Spirit

In this episode we will discuss the following questions and more; What does it mean to be in the spirit? How do we get to a spiritual place in Christ? Is being “in the Spirit” the same as being “born of the Spirit”? Is being “in the Spirit” important to a believer?

To Be or Not To Be a Grasshopper, Part 2

Part 2 of seeing God working in our life. In this episode we talk about steps 3 and 4 on The Good Path and I reveal where we can see The Good Path.

To Be or Not To Be a Grasshopper

Can you see God working in your life. In this episode we talk about the 4 elements involved in being able to see God actively being involved in our daily lives.

Wait is a 4 Letter Word

“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” This was spoken by Abraham Lincoln, but is this what God really thinking about waiting?