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To know God's Word we have to live with it, and walk with it. We have to wrestle with it, struggle with it, and argue with it. We learn what God's Word means to us by experiences we go through in our lives. The Word uses our daily experiences to show us that when everything else fails, His Truth continues to work for us and will never abandon us.

There's no place too dark, no obstacle too tall, no storm too powerful that can separate us from His truth and His Love. This is because His Spirit is with us to teach us, comfort us, and guide us... John 16:13-15

There are roughly about 1.2 Billion people in the world who consider themselves to be "Born Again"... That is 1 in every 6 people you meet in the entire world would consider themselves to be "Born Again"...

How do they define what "Born Again" means?

I took a survey and asked 3 questions;

Are you a Christian?
Are you Born Again?
What does Born Again mean to you?
Did Jesus tell Nicodemus that, "Unless you "FEEL" like you're Born Again you can't see the kingdom of heaven."


"Unless you experience being Born Again you can't see the kingdom of heaven."

No, He said, "Unless you "ARE" Born Again, you can't see the kingdom of heaven."

How do we know what "Born Again" means... by studying God's Word... or what's better know as "Theology"...

Why do I say that some consider "Theology" an ugly word? What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of "Theology"?

There's a popular statement that's going around today... "Don't tell me your theology on serving others. Show me your dirty hands and tired feet. Do as Jesus did."

"Knowing" (Theology) comes first, and "Doing" comes from our "Knowing" (Theology)...

In Acts 6 there is an example that shows the results of "Doing" before "Knowing" what you're doing... Acts 6:1-4

Who are the Hebrew?
Who are the Israelites?
Who are the Jews?
Serving is important, but "Theology" is the foundation upon which the service is established.

In 1Peter 1:3 Peter says nothing about being "Born Again" or "Begotten from Above" by the Spirit or even mentions the Spirit in any way, or especially in relation to being "Born Again"...

We are "Born Again" to "New Living Hope" of eternal life that comes from above which replaces our old life. This "New Hope" certainly was "Begotten from Above" because we have it through God raising Christ from the dead...

How do some use scripture to validate that being "Born Again" comes by "receiving", or by being "baptized", or through the "Gifts" of the "Spirit of God".

Acts 2:38
Acts 1:4-9
Luke 24:44-49
Apollos was powerfully telling the Good News about Christ even though the only baptism he knew was the baptism of John the Baptist. There's no mention of Apollos "Receiving the Spirit", being "Baptized by the Spirit", or of him being "Born Again"... Acts 18:25-28

It appears certain disciples had the ability to impart the "Gift" of the Holy Spirit to other believers; Acts 19:1-7

In the early church there some differing opinions about details of the salvation process, the Gospel message, and the basic tenants of faith, and the church itself... Acts 18 and Acts 19

Believer's today are confused about what the phrase "Born Again" means. This confusion exists because other ministries of the Holy Spirit have been co-mingled with being "Born Again".

How do we know the truth? Because it "feels" right, or it "feels" good, or because it's Gods Truth?