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Be a part of The Good Path journey...

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There is a place where believers can go and we will find safety, love, forgiveness, mercy, and unconditional acceptance. That place is called “Salvation City“. 

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If a believer in Christ is "Saved", can they ever "Lose" their salvation? Do believers have to be "Saved" over and over again every time we sin? Is there a sin that can be committed for which there is no "Forgiveness"?

We're all sinners. We all commit sins that are large and small. The sins we commit aren't a sign of being saved or not saved. Our sins are a sign that we all need Christ, all the time.

God can forgive all sin, even our sin of not asking for forgiveness... Is not asking for forgiveness a sin? Matthew 5:21-24

Why is this person in the story bringing a gift to the altar? Because they're seeking forgiveness from God...

If we want forgiveness we should do as Christ said in Matthew 6:14

But, if we have forgiveness in our heart, then we are at home in our Salvation through Christ alone, because we have faith in His faithfulness, and not our own.

But what does Jesus say about forgiveness? Matthew 12

Jesus responds to all the attacks of the Pharisees in Matthew 12:30

This statement helps us understand what Jesus said in the next verses regarding a sin that can't be forgiven; Matthew 12:31-32

Throughout the day the Pharisees were witnessing the acts of the Spirit of God, but they were attributing those acts to Satan rather than God's Spirit.

The "Unforgivable Sin" is to "Know" the Spirit of God and then willfully work against God.

"Religion is mankind reaching up to God, but Salvation is God reaching down to mankind."

Salvation is a city that can never be taken by force, and mercy and forgiveness are roads that lead us to the city gate, and that gate is Jesus Christ.

Living in "Salvation City" is "Walking Around IN CHRIST". To "Live" by the "Law of the Spirit" is to "Live" in our "Salvation", and to "Live" in our "Salvation" is to "Live In Christ", and to "Live In Christ" is to "Live" by the "Law of the Spirit". This is what Paul meant in Colossians 2:6 when he said to "Walk in Christ."

We are to "Live" in "Salvation City", where the Spirit of God is the Law, and the Son of God is the King.

Put yourself in "Salvation City" and listen to John's words again, 1John 3:19-23

How do we have confidence before God? Only by being "IN CHRIST". And to be "IN CHRIST" we have to be in "Salvation City". And to be in "Salvation City" we have to go through the "Gate" which is Jesus Christ. And to get to the gate we have to travel the road of "Mercy & Forgiveness".

God's Mercy & Forgiveness is where our journey to confidence before God begins... Paul points this out in Romans 5:8-9

When we were sinners Christ allowed Himself to be brutalized and murdered to save us. Why? Because God is "Love" He allowed His Son to be sacrificed so He could be merciful to every sinner, including me and you...

How do we "Know" that we are of the truth? 1 John 3:18 

We have to actually "Give" love, and when we "Give" love, then we will know that we are "Doing" what the Spirit of Christ does, and we will know that the "Truth" is "IN" us... 

If we are, "IN CHRIST", then the Spirit of Christ is "IN US" and we "Walk Around" doing the "Ambition" of the Spirit rather than the ambition of the flesh, therefore "IN CHRIST" we are "Love Givers", and we can be "Love Givers" because God gave us His love by sending His Son into the world to die for us so we could receive "Mercy & Forgiveness"... and by this we know that we are of the truth...

And through our "Love Giving" we "Conciliate" our fleshly hearts before God... Because our fleshly hearts are always condemning us, because of the "Law of the Flesh" and the "Law of Sin & Death"... But we "Know" that God is greater than our hearts, and He knows all things...