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To give love, we first have to be able to receive love. How can we know what true love is unless we’ve never received true love? To be a “Love Giver” we first have to be a “Love Receiver”.

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We can't "Give Love" to others if we won't "Receive Love" for ourselves... 1John 4:15-19

Our confidence doesn't come from being worthy of God's love. Our confidence is "IN" God's love...

It is through God's "Love Giving" that we find the "Conciliation" that our fleshly heart requires for us to stand before God unafraid.

There are 3 kinds of love in our world;

The Love of God
1John 4:9 - Unwavering
John 3:16 and Romans 8:35-39- Unlimited
Romans 5:8 - Unconditional
1 Corinthians 13:8-13 - Perfect
The Love of Christ
Matthew 22:36-40 - The Love of Christ is "for" God and "for" all mankind...
The love of the World -
John 15:19 - Obviously, the world's love isn't unwavering, unlimited, or unconditional.... 
We are in the world, but we don't "Love" the world, we just live in it... 1John 2:15

The "Love of God" and the "Love of Christ" are exhibited in 5 very distinct ways;

It's Unwavering
It's Unlimited
It's Unconditional
It's toward God
It's toward Others
The "Love of the World" is the opposite of those 5 things...

It's very erratic
It's very narrow - the world loves its' own
It's extremely qualified - if you love me the I'll love you...
The world hates God - at best the world will tolerate God if there's a way to benefit from that tolerance...
The world feigns love for others to use others for its own advancement or enrichment...
The glaring difference between the "Love of God & Christ" and the "Love of the World" is where we place ourselves... The "Love of God & Christ" is a "Giving" Love, while the "Love of the World" is a "Taking" Love... One is "Selfless" and the other is "Selfish"... If the "Love" of God and Christ is "IN" us, the motivation of the "Love of the World" is painfully clear to us. The "Love of the World" is motivated by the preservation of self, protection of self, and pleasure of "Self"...

Paul said this to the believers in Colossi; Colossians 3:23

 Our confidence is "IN" God's love, because God's love is so perfect that when He looks at us He sees Jesus "IN" us, and us "IN" Jesus.

"As Jesus is, so are we in this world" In God's "order of all things", we are the same as Jesus...

Is it enough to believe something without acting upon our faith? Gen 15:6

So, how should we act? We should act in a way that shows we "Know" the love of God & Christ?

Christ is our example of "Knowing & Doing". He displayed God's "Love" in action;

The woman was taken in the act of adultery; John 8:1-11
The Apostle Paul persecuting the Church;
Christ forgiving on the Cross; Luke 23:34
By being a "Love Giver" we come to "Know" what love does and how love acts toward others. We can't know love by reading about it or observing it, we have "Give Love" to "Know Love"... It's through the actions of giving love to others that we know how much God loves us and knowing how great love is, we can conciliate our condemning hearts because God is love and He will always forgive us.

With the recognition that in the eyes of Christ everyone is "Beloved" by God, and all believers are "AS CHRIST" then we can overcome our condemning fleshly hearts and have "Confidence" before God...

How do we get to this place where we can have this kind of confidence in our heart that God has saved us from death even though in this life we're painfully aware of our sinfulness?

A Good 1st step is to be a "Love Giver", and through giving the Love of God & Christ to others we will "Know" the Love of God & Christ in our own lives.

And as we "Know" the Love of God & Christ better by doing it for others our confidence will grow before Him because we will comprehend that God sees us to be just like Christ in His creation of everything...