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What is confidence? The best definition of confidence I ever heard was “Confidence is what turns our thoughts and dreams into actions.” But, where does confidence come from? Confidence comes from 2 places; Love and Trust.

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It's through the acts of giving love that we come to "Know" what love does and how love acts toward others. We can't know love by reading about it or observing it, we have to "Give Love" to "Know Love"...

How do we get to a place where we can have this kind of confidence in our heart that God has saved us from death even though in this life we're painfully aware of our sinfulness?

But being a "Love Giver" is hard. We try but we're not consistent, Romans 7:18-19

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Our daily lives are really no different from the daily lives of the disciples. In fact, there's a great example of life getting in the way of their best intentions... Matthew 14:22-36

It all comes down to confidence. For us to stay on course to a fulfilling life "IN" Christ, we have to have a great confidence and no doubt.

Rather than knowing what's true about our redemption and being confident because of a firm trust in that knowledge... Because of our actions we "assess" our inabilities and we think we're on our own, and we panic, and begin to sink with doubt... Look again at what John said about confidence in 1John 3:19-23;

From this passage John tells us that there are 3 things we always need to "KNOW" when we approach God in prayer;

We will "Know" that we're of the truth...
We "Know" that God is greater than our hearts...
We "Know" God "Knows" all things...

Knowing that we're of the truth; would you be confident "feeling" that you're doing what God wants you to do, or, would you be confident knowing the truth that redemption only comes through the blood of Christ, who died for all?

God has feelings, that's plainly seen throughout both the Old and New Testament. John 11:35

Emotions are multi-leveled and multi-layered... "Emotions are like waves, we can't stop them from coming, but we can choose which one to surf."

God is larger than our feelings. We do things sometimes because we're overwhelmed and even controlled by our feelings. We know better. Our head tells us "No", but our feelings override our intellect and even our will. "God knows things we don't know".

So, which way would give you more confidence; believing in your "Feelings" that when you sin you can somehow or someday make it up to God...


Knowing that no matter what your heart tells you, God is "Larger" than your heart, and He "Knows" things you don't know.

The object of our confidence has to be what's true, and the only limitation of that confidence is our knowledge of the truth...

This brings us to our greatest challenge when it comes to knowing the truth and having confidence in that truth; we have no practical experience with the truth...