Many people have predicted a date for the end of the world but only God knows when that day will become reality. With this episode of The Good Path we are going to start a series in the book of Revelation. Over the next weeks and months we will discuss what revelation of Jesus Christ and what it means for us who believe today.

Revelation 1:1-4

1. The Message:

  • The revelation or the apocalypse of Jesus Christ; (-31"], -52"], 1John 3:2)

2. The Means:

  • Which God gave to him… We can’t know anything unless God gives us the knowledge… ()

3. The Motivation:

  • To show to his servants the things that must soon take place…

4. The Messengers:

  • God sent an angel to his servant John…

5. The Miracle:

  • The miracle within the book is a blessing… to the ones who read, hear, and keep the prophecy.

6. The Moment:

  • The time (season/period) of this prophecy is near… Kairos not Chronos… (, -33"])

7. The Meeting:

  • John to the seven churches that are in Asia.

The message of the Apocalypse is universal. It’s for all who meet in the name of Jesus Christ.

Come Quickly Lord Jesus! ()

Jesus can arrive at any moment; like lightening!