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Are you certain of anything? What’s the difference between being confident about something and being certain of it? If there was something that you were absolutely certain about, would you live your life differently? In this episode of The Good Path with will discuss something more than confidence in Christ, we’ll dicuss being dauntless in Christ.

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There is a difference between "Believing" something to be true and "Knowing" something to be true... The difference between "Believing" and "Knowing" is certainty...

We "Choose" to "Believe" what we think is true, vs. being "Certain" about what we "Know" is true... Choice vs. Certainty... Believing vs. Knowing... Mark 9:14-29

The Apostle Thomas also needed help with his doubt... John 20:24-29

That depends on you...

Martha and the resurrection of Lazarus; John 11:21-27

"Can we Know the Truth?" 1 John 2:21

Truth became flesh and lived with us... John 1:14

John 14:6 Jesus says, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No comes to the Father except through me."That's the Truth... and NO LIE COMES FROM THE TRUTH...

The difference between "Confidence" and "Certainty" is the temperature of the fire that burns within us. It's our passion.

How do we get this "Certainty"? How can we be "Certain" that we "Know this Truth"? With the "Help" of Christ... "I believe, help me to be certain."

At the end of the last podcast I said confidence comes from 2 things;


The more time you spend "Doing" things related to your object of "Trust", the greater your "Certainty" is about what you "Trust", and you want to "Know" about what you "Love"...

The prophet Jeremiah also supports this when he says in Jeremiah 17:7;

And when we "Trust" we "Do"... John 21:15-17

If you "Love" and you "Know" what you "Love" the you will "Do" the will of the one you "Love & Know".

See how this works... His Love - Helps us Know of Him - which Helps us to Trust more - which Helps to drive (passion) us to Do as He did - helping us to know Him better -

This process Helps to instill the Certainty of His promise within us. The Nucleus of our Spiritual Life is His "HELP"...

He "Helped" us to see "Love" in the flesh by coming into the world... That's how we "Know" LOVE...

He "Helped" us to "Know" Him through His life, His Word, and His Spirit. Which He still "Helps" us to "Know" Him through the same means...

He "Helped" us to "Trust" Him by fulfilling His promise to raise His own body from the dead.

He "Helped" us to "DO" His will by giving us His Spirit as our "HELPER".

Love - Knowledge - Trust - Action = Dauntless Certainty

Remember these 4 elements comes are made available to us through the "HELP" of Christ to bring about Dauntless Certainty in Christ.

We've gone from discussing different denominational views about being "Born Again", to exploring some of the more spiritual aspects of being "Born Again". Maybe we've even crossed some lines of discomfort about the "Born Again" experience.

From this point though, we're going to leave all that behind us. From here on we're going to push the envelope of the acceptable "Born Again" theology.

To be "Born Again" is more than a label, it's a "State of Being"...

The difference in our existence between who we were before we were "Born Again" and who we are after we're "Born Again" should be as stark as the difference between our physical conception and our physical birth.