Spirituality BWalking Around

A Manifest Church is in the world. Believers have the ability to receive the revelation of God’s encouragement, choices, insight, and inspiration. This is in opposition to the “Organic” Church, which waits for the will of God to appear. As spiritual members of A Manifest Church believers are active participants in listening to, and discerning the will of God. This results in our spiritual growth by SBWA (Spirituality By Walking Around). This is a fundamental life expression of The Good Path.

As the Apostle James said, “Faith without works is useless”, so it is reasonable to conclude that spirituality without results is also useless. SBWA is the expression of the effects of God’s spirit in the lives of His believing children.

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The Practical Expression of SBWA in Our Lives

Spiritual Walk

SBWA means to live our lives as the Spirit of God encourages us to walk in faith, hope, and love.


SBWA leads to a spiritual worship that is a natural because of the Spirit of God that resides in every believer.


SBWA will lead to serving God by serving others who have greater needs.


SBWA leads to opportunities for God to show us the miracles that are happening all around us.