Wait on God

When we wait on the Lord, our hearts are filled with expectancy.

Watch for God

On The Good Path everything is freely and openly accessible and recognizable, to us and to God.

Want God's Will

To want the old paths is to have an appreciation and a desire for God's will.

Walk With God

On The Good Path there is Freedom and the Ability to Respond for us, and for God.

When the Prophet Samuel gave Saul to Israel as their first king, he warned the people and told them, “I will instruct you in the good and the right path.” (1 Samuel [12:23])

The Good Path was explained by Christ when He said in Luke 11:5-10, “Knock (expectantly), Seek (openly recognizable), Ask (communicate), Persist (walk responsively).”

The question; “Where is The Good Path found?”

The answer;

TGP is found in Christ…

TGP is entered by faith…

TGP is maintained through the Spirit of Christ…

TGP is available to believers because of our relationship with the Father through Christ…

Standing at the Door

Knock, Seek, Ask, and Persist...