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Finding God’s Treasure in You

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It’s been a while since my last podcast, and I thought I’d drop a line to let everyone know why I’ve been so quiet. When I was a pastor I had to have a message or two every Sunday. As if God works on a time table like scheduled flights out of a city. “It’s […]

Equal Protection Under The Law?

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America just marked the 41st year since the Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the founders included, in the Constitution, the right to abortion throughout a pregnancy. One day those Justices will have to answer for their decision to the true Supreme Court, of God.

Why do People come to Christ?

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We have officially entered the season when we generally acknowledge the birth of Jesus Christ, at least among those who acknowledge Christ at all. With this time of the year there is more emphasis placed on the meaning of the birth of Christ, and His ultimate purpose for being born into the world. We can guardedly […]

Blind Leading The Blind

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America’s reaction to Syria using chemical weapons against their own people in their ongoing civil war, pointed out once again the great hypocrisy of our time. American leaders lectured the world about the horrible tragedy of so many children (456) dying when Syria launched missiles filled with deadly chemicals into a rebel village. The reaction […]

The Drums of War

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We can hear the drums of war being beaten around the world. As believers in Jesus Christ, The Prince of Peace, what does the Word of God say about war and our involvement in it? I could have listed an almost endless string of references from the Word regarding war and our reaction, as believers, […]