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Welcome to The Good Path. Discover your freedom in Christ as we wait on God, watch Him work, want His will, and walk with Him on The Good Path.

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What Is Freedom?

What is real freedom? Do those who say they follow God have the freedom to terrorize those who disagree with them? Is the world heading for a great confrontation as Revelation describes it? In this episode we will discuss these questions and more and discover God’s warnings about the future of mankind.

A Peek at Heaven1

A Peek Into Heaven

Have you ever wondered what heaven looks like? In this episode of The Good Path the Apostle John gives us a peek into heaven. In Revelation 4, God opens a door to heaven allows us a glimpse inside at His throne room.

knocking at the door 2

Can Someone Get The Door?

Is the church shrinking from its call in our world to stand for something rather than agree with everything? The message that Christ gave to the Laodicean believers in Revelation is relevant for us as believers today and timely for the world we live in. Jesus is knocking on door of our society. Will we answer His knock?

He is coming

Hold On, Christ is Coming Soon

What keeps us saved? Is it what we do or don’t do? Is it our religion? Is how good we are? Is it our faith? In the message that Christ gives to the church in Philadelphia, He gives us the answer to the question, “What keeps us saved?”


Is There a Cure for Hypocrisy?

Printed on American money is the phrase, “In God we trust”. In the Pledge of Allegiance is the phrase, “One nation under God”. The first Thursday in May is proclaim by the President of the United States to be a national day of Prayer. Is America a nation of hypocrites? In this episode of The Good Path find out if there is a cure for hypocrisy.

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Supreme Court1

Equal Protection Under The Law?

America just marked the 41st year since the Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the founders included, in the Constitution, the right to abortion throughout a pregnancy. One day those Justices will have to answer for their decision to the true Supreme Court, of God.


Why do People come to Christ?

We have officially entered the season when we generally acknowledge the birth of Jesus Christ, at least among those who acknowledge Christ at all. With this time of the year there is more emphasis placed on the meaning of the birth of Christ, and His ultimate purpose for being born into the world. We can guardedly […]

Cemetery 3

Blind Leading The Blind

America’s reaction to Syria using chemical weapons against their own people in their ongoing civil war, pointed out once again the great hypocrisy of our time. American leaders lectured the world about the horrible tragedy of so many children (456) dying when Syria launched missiles filled with deadly chemicals into a rebel village. The reaction […]

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