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Welcome to The Good Path. Discover your freedom in Christ as we wait on God, watch Him work, want His will, and walk with Him on The Good Path.

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The Born Again Moment

Do you think you know “How” and “When” someone is “Born Again”? Are you sure? In this episode of The Good Path we’ll discuss the exact moment when a person is “Born Again”.

A Date with Destiny

There’s are reason’s why being “Born Again” is necessary. One of those reasons is that we all have an appointment date on God’s calendar. We all have a date with our eternal destiny.

The Expectant Heart

When you believed in Christ as your Savior, what did you expect? Did we expect that nothing in your life would change? When you came to Christ, what did you expect to happen? Then what did you expect to hear from Christ? Following Christ often leads us to the unexpected. In this episode of The Good Path we will discuss the process for being “Born Again”, and it’s not what you expect!

The Golden Rule of the Spirit

Many times we misinterpret what Christ said because we usually hear what we want to hear instead of listening to what the Spirit wants to say. In this, the 5th episode of our series on “Being Born Again”, I discuss how we can know what the Spirit says by following the 2nd Golden Rule.

Spirit Born Defies Descriptions

There’s a popular statement going around today, “Don’t tell me your theology on serving others. Show me your dirty hands and tired feet. Do as Jesus did.” In today’s world we want to “Do things” before we “Know things”. We see it everywhere, even in the church. This is why so many believers are confused about what being “Born Again” really means. We want to be “In” the Spirit before we even know “How” the Spirit works.

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Finding God’s Treasure in You

It’s been a while since my last podcast, and I thought I’d drop a line to let everyone know why I’ve been so quiet. When I was a pastor I had to have a message or two every Sunday. As if God works on a time table like scheduled flights out of a city. “It’s […]

Equal Protection Under The Law?

America just marked the 41st year since the Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the founders included, in the Constitution, the right to abortion throughout a pregnancy. One day those Justices will have to answer for their decision to the true Supreme Court, of God.

Why do People come to Christ?

We have officially entered the season when we generally acknowledge the birth of Jesus Christ, at least among those who acknowledge Christ at all.¬†With this time of the year there is more emphasis placed on the meaning of the birth of Christ, and His ultimate purpose for being born into the world. We can guardedly […]

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