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Welcome to The Good Path. Discover your freedom in Christ as we wait on God, watch Him work, want His will, and walk with Him on The Good Path.

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Tree Planted by Water

Your Sweet Spot in Christ

Jesus said, “My yoke is easy and my burden is light”. When animals are yoked together they become a unit, or a team. When we take on the yoke of Christ we join Him in a relationship together. He said being in a relationship with Him is easy and light. Does your relationship with Christ feel easy and light? In this episode of The Good Path we’ll talk about finding “Your Sweet Spot in Christ.”


A Great Change Coming

Does the world seem right to you? Does everything that’s happening around you seem normal? Doesn’t everything you see happening in politics, religion, society, and economics seem bizarre? Well, your right. Things are very different, and they are going to continue to be different, and there’s a reason for the changes. I talk about the “Great Change” that’s coming to our world and why it’s happening in this episode of The Good Path.

The Good Life 1

A Life That’s Good

Have you ever wondered about what “A Life That’s Good” would look like? In this episode we’ll discuss the secret of “A Life That’s Good.”

Lifting-Weights-for-a-Healthy-Heart 1

The Strength to Handle Hard Things

There is a difference between “Fans” of Christ and “True Believers”. Fans are on board when times are good and their team is winning, but when the hard times come, it’s the True Believers that won’t walk away. In this episode see where True Believers get the strength to handle the Hard Times, difficult concepts, and the tough situations in life.


4 Horsemen in Paris

What is happening in our world? Why is violence on the rise? How should believers respond to the chaos, brutality, and evil we’re witnessing around the world? Revelation gives us the answers to these questions and more.

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great treasure

Finding God’s Treasure in You

It’s been a while since my last podcast, and I thought I’d drop a line to let everyone know why I’ve been so quiet. When I was a pastor I had to have a message or two every Sunday. As if God works on a time table like scheduled flights out of a city. “It’s […]

Supreme Court1

Equal Protection Under The Law?

America just marked the 41st year since the Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the founders included, in the Constitution, the right to abortion throughout a pregnancy. One day those Justices will have to answer for their decision to the true Supreme Court, of God.


Why do People come to Christ?

We have officially entered the season when we generally acknowledge the birth of Jesus Christ, at least among those who acknowledge Christ at all.¬†With this time of the year there is more emphasis placed on the meaning of the birth of Christ, and His ultimate purpose for being born into the world. We can guardedly […]

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